Monday, August 21, 2006

I'm not doing so well at this blogging thing since returning from PR. I have way more stuff to do here, I guess, and the kids are napping for shorter periods of time. Maybe I'll pick up again in winter, when the outdoor work is on hold. Maybe after the baby comes, when we'll have lovely pictures to post.... ok. Maybe not after the baby.

Highlights of life in no order, except how quickly they come to me:

We succeeded in getting our raspberries to root in this year after a failed attempt last year. One even decided to set fruit, and we've eaten three red raspberries from our own garden this summer. We planted the variety 'Latham' and they are big and good. Can't wait for more. The blackberries that did root in last year produced this year, but we never got the berries, they were tiny anyway, and they are making a huge mess growing and sending up shoots all over the garden. They are going to be booted this fall (er, gingerly pulled out because they have thorns the size of needles), and more Lathams planted next spring. They were purchased at Menards, along with numerous other gardening duds over the last few years and now we're getting skeptical of their garden plants.

We are doing a Bible study with 5 friends from the book God's Message to You. It is a six week, gospel-oriented overview of the Bible. We prayed this summer for God to send us friends to study with, none of our ideas of how to meet these friends really worked out, but in the space of 4 days at normal-life events we met 4 interested people, and then another friend introduced us to another person who wanted to join.

This has been a really good gardening summer. I've kept the weeds down, spaced stuff correctly so it's not too overgrown, and we've had great harvests. If I remember, I'm going to start a journal to help me next year.

We've been furniture shopping lately, and have finished our research and made some purchases. You can check it out if you come and visit us!


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