Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Mariah is milking her speaking abilities for all they're worth. Today she said "counter" (as in, those things in the kitchen). She wanted her chapstick which was on the counter! She is putting two words together, such as Daddy mow or I-yee (Lily) play.

Second only to snuggling with her duck and blanket, she really likes to listen to books being read. If you sit down, she'll bring over a book and say "read". When you get done, she says "one", as in, read another one to me, please.

Lily is trying to sing. She rather likes the little refrain "Cement mixer, putty, putty", and can sing through her ABC's and "Blessed be the Lord" (Psalm 72D) with only a little help. So far, she shows all the abilities (ie, nearly none) of a Magill child in this realm, so you'll just have to imagine the tune and the rhythm!

On other fronts, she's making progress with recognizing her colors and shapes and slowly learning the power of asking sweetly for what she wants instead of crying and screaming. She also would like to completely ditch her booster seat at the table. Mom and dad have different ideas though, and she gets to sit in her chair without the booster as long as she stays in the chair and doesn't stand up! The struggle for self-control begins early!

It continues to be a good garden year, and this last week of cool weather should help to yield a fall crop of lettuce and spinach before the frost, we hope.

Sunday night is going to be the first worship service of IRPC, the new church plant in West Lafayette. Our Bible-overview (evangelistic) study is going quite well.


At 11:13 AM, Anonymous Oma said...

Glad to hear Lily is making a "joyful noise" but we'll keep hoping for those Larson genes to help the melody along!! Mariah's talking is such fun to listen to!
And I like the "pea in the pod" banner at the top of the blog!
Love, Oma


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