Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Lily sporting her pink flip flops from Emily (Purdue student who lived with us in spring), and Mariah in Ben's hat.

Spring Fest

Pictures taken at "Spring Fest" at Purdue in the petting zoo. For several weeks afterwards, if we mentioned this event to Lily, she would reply with " 'Gain!" (as in, do it again!)

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Long awaited update

Sorry to anyone who has checked this blog for the last 6 weeks with no update. I do intend to keep it up a bit, even though we're home.

We've been working in the yard and enjoying spring. We've been home 7 weeks tomorrow, and in that time we've: pulled 27 bushes out of a hedgerow, planted 6 fruit trees (1 walnut, 3 apples, 2 cherries), planted grass in the hedgerow and other bare spots, planted the garden, put in edging around 2 flower beds in the front, moved and planted flowers including 3 roses, killed weeds, put up a better bunny fence than the one we had last year (did you know rabbits can squeeze through holes that are only 2 or 3 inches square? we didn't until we saw them do it, and eat our lettuce), and generally wished that we didn't live in the city where it's so difficult to get rid of rabbits. Lily, however, likes to chase them (does she actually think she'll catch one?). It's usually easy to spot one munching our new grass.

Mariah is quite the little toddler. She walks (runs?) everywhere, dances to music, including spinning in circles and falling down (after which she says "boom"), always asks for a marshmallow when Lily gets one for going potty, has a sweet tooth, knows where the cabinet with snacks is (even though it's out of reach, she can point and beg), can feed herself with utensils - even yogurt - without making too much mess, and loves her little stuffed duckie. Dearly. We lost him in WalMart one day. Ever wondered what's underneath the shelves in a SuperCenter? (Thankfully, we did find him).

Lily's current interests include not wearing shoes, ever, unless they are 6 sizes (or more) too big, dancing on the pew ("poo", as she says) while holding a psalter and "singing" in church, playing at the park as often as possible, asking why (why go sleep? why take bath?), singing psalms with hand motions in "family worpish" (family worship), "reading" books, playing with coins (we have a small change jar), playing in kitchen sink with water and cups, and listening to nursery rhymes, many of which she has memorized.

Little Larson #3 is currently interested in making mom tired and nauseous. He/she will be here in early December. We are all excited about the "new baby in mommy's tummy"! Lily would really like to see it right now, and is wondering whether or not there is one in her tummy too. We're trying to set her straight.

Is anyone reading our blog now that we're stateside?