Saturday, June 24, 2006

Just before we go....

Just wanting to make a quick post before we head out the door.... we're looking forward to being with our Canadian family soon!

Here's the interesting stuff:

Wish you could hear little conversations with Lily. They are so fun. And so... well, continuous. And always include "why", at both the beginning and end of the question. For example, "Why go sleep? Why?" "Why take bath? Why?" "Why go church? Why?"

Mariah is trying to repeat words that she hears. It's fun. And also continuous.

Ben's Grandpa went through surgery on his pancreatic cancer on Tuesday. He is in the middle of a difficult and complicated recovery. Pray that he will heal, and that he will come to know Jesus. We were with him and Ben's family in Indy today.

We have a silvery/pale purple-y/white rose in our flower bed that smells heavenly. Wish we could post scents on the blog. It's amazing.